Dead Island 2 Fans Are Really Worried About The Game Following New Announcement

Dead Island 2 Fans Are Really Worried About The Game Following New Announcement
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Today, Deep Silver and THQ Nordic announced that Dambuster Studios has taken over the Dead Island franchise and is now leading development on Dead Island 2, and will make any future releases in the series if there are any more after Dead Island 2, which, at this point, may never actually release. The news came during THQ Nordic's latest earnings call, and has fans really worried about the game, even more so than before, which is hard to do, because not many had any hope for the game after developer switches and multiple set-backs.

As you may remember, Dead Island 2 was announced all the way back in 2014 at E3. At the time, it was in development under Yager Development, the team perhaps best-known for the terrific Spec Ops: The Line. However, in July 2015 the studio was dropped from the project, which was then put on ice. Then in March 2016, it was confirmed Sumo Digital was taking over, a team with a somewhat okay track record, though far from the best studio around. This year it put out Team Sonic Racing and Crackdown 3. While the former was received somewhat warmly, the latter bombed a bit. In other words, it wasn't the most promising sign for the game's quality.

However, Dead Island fans don't have to worry about that anymore, because the studio is no longer on the game. Rather Dambuster Studios is. This is the third developer now on the project, and fans are starting to get really worried. Why? Because Dambuster Studios is a one game studio that has only put out Homefront: The Revolution, one of 2015's worst games that perhaps killed the Homefront series. In other words, it's not exactly the name you want to see attached to a project that's already had a boatload of problems.

ℂ Dex?I won’t be surprised if dead island 2 takes over 20 goddamn years to come out and then suck ass like duke Newcomb forever
Medicus PiperI was already worried about Dead Island 2 after the delays and the underwhelming first game, but now Dambuster taking charge is very worrying. Homefront The Revolution was awful.
PuppetI'm 50/50 on Dead Island 2 still happening, I'm hoping that it does because I love the franchise but it's been so long. And I don't trust the devs behind it, they made Homefront: The Revolution
the coochie is hangryDead Island 2 going from being developed by the 'Spec Ops: the Line' guys to now being developed by the 'Homefront: The Revolution' guys is like Bruh
GO BROLY! GO! GO! me: oh so dambuster studios are the ones developing dead island 2 now. what games did they make? me, shortly after discovering they were the developers of homefront the revolution
SurielEvery part of this headline screams "GOTY"
AlexDamnbuster are the guys who made Homefront: The Revolution... yeah might as well cancel Dead Island 2
DSP ArchivesDead Island 2 now being developed by Dambuster Studios, which has only made Homefront: The Revolution so far. Might as well cancel that shit again.

There's no word when Dead Island 2 will release or what platforms it will release on.

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